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Select guide rail lubricant for engraving and milling machine

Author: Time:2019-12-17 11:36:24Click:4102

Select guide rail lubricant for engraving and milling machine

    In the hot summer, if the engraving and milling machine has been running at a high temperature, the selection of lubricants will become a big problem for us. Choosing the right lubricant has always been very critical.

    The accuracy and movement accuracy of guide rails directly affect the precision of engraving and milling machines. When the guide rail of the engraving and milling machine is under low speed and high load, sticking and sliding often alternate with each other. The phenomenon that occurs is referred to as sticking and slipping, which is often called "crawling phenomenon". The crawling of the work table will seriously affect the processing accuracy of the product and shorten the life of the engraving and milling machine and the tool. Especially for the CNC machine tools, "crawling" will make the control system ineffective. Therefore, this phenomenon has caused great concern. There are many ways to eliminate the creep phenomenon. From a lubrication point of view, it is to choose a suitable lubricant for the guide rail of the engraving and milling machine.

    In order to reduce the wear of the screw guide rails and reduce the thermal expansion of the screw guides, general manufacturers will recommend users to use lubricants for engraving and milling machine guides. When the temperature turns cold, the viscosity of the special oil for the guide rail can be appropriately reduced to protect the guide rail and extend the life of the equipment.

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